2000-Gallon Water Truck Download Specifications

Water trucks represent the workhorses for the rental and construction industries. PCI Manufacturing understands that not every tank is used for the same purpose. Designed with your specific needs in mind, PCI’s standard water truck offers 2000- and 2500-gal size, air controls, and multiple customization options.

PCI Manufacturing’s high-quality Carboline Phenoline 310 interior liner and exclusive two-step exterior paint process ensure the extended life of your water truck bodies. Standard quote includes complete system installation on customer-supplied, PTO-ready and tank-ready truck.

Features & Specifications

  • All tank seams and heads welded inside and out
  • 24" square-top, reinforced manway/drop fill with anti-siphon loading pipe
  • Rear observation ladder
  • Rear push block with storage area and two flexible steps
  • Fenders with hose brackets and hose tie-downs
  • 3⁄/4" front and rear sight-tube provisions only
  • Rear tank hose reel mounting provisions
  • Each tank is hydrostatic tested prior to coating and paint
  • 3/16" A36 steel plate
  • 3/16", A36, stamped tank heads
  • One baffles: each 3/16" A36 steel plate containing a 22" crawl space with an integrated access step in each baffle
  • 8" tall, 1⁄/4" A36 sub-frame with end closures
  • Mounts: Spring body mounts, 2 per side, welded to the tank sub-frame and bolted to the truck frame
  • Top-mounted lifting eyes
  • Rubber, frame-mounting cushions
  • Includes furnishing and installing air-shift PTO with 5 air-controlled valves
  • 4" × 3" max. 750-GPM centrifugal water pump (at 2500 rpm) with Victaulic® flex fittings
  • All plumbing constructed from A500 Schedule 40 pipe with pipe threaded connections
  • 5 air-operated, normally open 3" inline valves
  • 1" hose outlet and 3⁄4" spigot at passenger side manifold
  • Four slotted and threaded spray caps, two front & two rear
  • One drivers' side, adjustable spray head
  • Hard line piping for both front and rear spray feeds with flex hose in high-stress areas
  • Provisions for 1.5" feed to optional rear hose reel
  • Drain plugs at low points
  • Three valve-control levers mounted between seats
  • All valve controls labeled on console
  • Back-up alarm system
  • Reflective tape per DOT regulations. Grip tape on rear push block
  • Grip tape on rear push block
  • Warning/indicator decals
  • Mud flaps
  • Provision front tank-mounted safety beacon light
  • DOT-approved lighting with custom fit, plug-and-go wiring harness
  • Carboline Phenoline 310 interior liner, minimum 6-mil dry film thickness
  • Exterior primer, minimum 6-mil dry film thickness
  • High-solids, high-gloss exterior paint, 6-mil dry film thickness, customer choice, standard colors
  • Tank warranty: 2 years against leaks and breakage under normal working conditions
  • Plumbing warranty: 1 year
  • New pumps and pump control linkage covered by their respective warranties
  • All applicable operational/warranty and parts books furnished by PCI
  • 2000-gallon tank truck wheel base (WB) and cab-to-axle (CA) requirements: WB 153", CA 60-70"
  • 2500-gallon tank truck wheel base (WB) and cab-to-axle (CA) requirements: WB 153", CA 75-85"

For customization options, download the PDF or contact your PCI Manufacturing sales representative.

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