Vapor-Tight Frac Tank Download Specifications

Built to your spec, certified, and OSHA-compliant, PCI’s tanks bring you the best liquid storage for the oilfield.

PCI Manufacturing’s vapor-tight frac tanks feature standard and custom specs, including a pressure-relief vent, optional sight tube, and sealable manways. Full inspections and hydro/holiday tests ensure every weld, brake light and coating meets your needs.

Along with other standard features, each tank is corrosion- resistant and created with high-quality materials. The V-bottom floor allows faster cleanup and pump-out, and the curved crown ensures better runoff to help protect against rust, even in harsh environments.

Features & Specifications

  • 500-bbl capacity
  • Custom-fit, plug-and-go wiring configuration
  • ASTM A36 1⁄4-inch corrugated steel walls
  • Top panels with stiffening ribs and 2 non-sealable hatches with hinged lids
  • 4.5" drop V-bottom floor with 20" x 3" deep, round sump
  • Side-entry stair and walkway
  • 8" external manifold with four 4" threaded connections, plugged with 4" steel plugs, and two 8" hammer unions with steel caps OR
  • 8" internal manifold with four front-wall penetrations, flanged with 4" butterfly valves (internal manifold only—internal or external manifold available)
  • One 3" rear fill line
  • One 4" rear drain with butterfly valve and remote handle
  • Jayco™ vent to relieve pressure (8 oz. pressure or 0.4 oz. vacuum)
  • Rear bumper
  • Two 22" sealable manways—one front and one side
  • 11R-22.5" bias tires
  • 22,500-lb axle
  • 100% solids, Carboline Phenoline® 310 interior liner, minimum 15-mil dry film thickness
  • High-solids, high-gloss Strathmore DTM exterior paint, 6-mil dry film thickness, customer color choice

For customization options, download the PDF or contact your PCI Manufacturing sales representative.

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