Skid-Mounted or Enclosed SuperVac Download Specifications

PCI SuperVac: quick cleanup of heavy fluids with a small footprint

The SuperVac provides the same high quality PCI Manufacturing customers have come to expect with its vacuum transports in a smaller, skid-mounted footprint. Designed for placement next to rigs for quick cleanup on the floors, deck and cellars, it’s also versatile enough to be used at refineries, industrial, environmental or manufacturing locations. Made to perform with a variety of safeguards to protect both the asset and personnel, the PCI SuperVac is the most efficient way to quickly clean up fluid spills in remote locations

Features & Specifications

  • Barrel Capacity: ~30 bbl
  • Overage: +/- 1%
  • Gallons: 1,260
  • Barrel Thickness: SA-36 carbon steel, 14"
  • Vacuum Connection Points: 5
  • Vacuum Hose Size: 3"
  • Valve Type: Brass, Lever Operated Gate
  • Mounting Type: Oilfield Skid (I-beam)
  • Pump/Motor Mount: Detachable
  • Design Pressure/Vacuum: 15 Hg/psi
  • Primary Scrubber: Chandler 12" with 8" stainless ball/cage
  • Secondary Scrubber: Chandler 10-gal, with 8" stainless ball/cage
  • Tank Drain Design: wedge sump
  • Internal Baffles: none
  • Motor: Leeson, explosion-proof
  • Pump: Jurop RV360
  • Controls: Adalet, XCE 21206 N4 (explosion-proof)

For customization options, download the PDF or contact your PCI Manufacturing sales representative.

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