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Designed for transport by roll-off trucks, these containers are commonly used to transport industrial and paint waste or other waste types, like construction or demolition, that require removing large quantities of material. The material in the roll-off may be taken to a landfill, recycled or disposed of/recovered in some other way. Dewatering Boxes are roll-off containers with a steel screen covering the interior of the box, leaving the gate end open for easy dumping. These are perfect for freeing water from things like sludge or slurry from a work site.

Standard Specifications for all Watertight Rolloff Containers

Walls: ASTM A36 7-gauge formed side with radius bottom
Floor: ASTM A36 1⁄4" bottom plate with C3v× 4.1# cross supports
Bulkhead: ASTM A36 7-gauge plate with A-frame formed channel
Rear Door: ASTM A36 7-gauge plate with formed channel stiffeners, T-style gasket for water-tight seal and two steel hinges with grease fittings
Rear Door Securement: Side-operated latch with 4 (four) ratchet binders (2 on center at each side of door, 2 at bottom of door with chain guards)
Lifting System: 1" A36 recessed tow hook
Undercarriage: 6 × 2 × 1⁄4" tubing for main rails, 4 × 6" steel with greaseable axle for nose rollers and 8 × 10" steel with greaseable axle for ground rollers
Tarp Assembly: 18-oz vinyl with reinforced corners, pockets and strap cutouts with five 3⁄4" tarp bows; roll pipe made of 11⁄2" galvanized tubing
Internal Coating: Epoxy primer only
External Paint: One-color, direct-to-metal paint

20- & 25-YD Watertight Rolloffs with Canvas Roll Tarp

* All Standard specifications plus:

Capacity (without dewatering box in place) 20-Yard 25-Yard
Overall Height 4'5" 5'3"
Overall Width 8'6" 8'6"
Overall Length 23'1" 23'1"
Box Height 3'7" 4'5"
Box Width 7'4" 7'4"
Box Length 21'8" 21'8"
Weight (in lbs.) without basket 5840 6400

Drains: Two 3" threaded, capped drains at floor level – one at front left and one at the right rear
Basket: Expanded metal floor plus expanded metal sides with ~6" of clearance around basket. Outer frame constructed of 4" C-channel runners and 2"×2" tubing cross supports with 9-gauge expanded metal floor and walls. Basket bolted to the upper frame of the roll-off for easy removal and cleaning. Interior J-hooks around the upper perimeter of the basket secure the filter cloth.
Basket Weight: 2,060 lbs.

For customization options, download the PDF or contact your PCI Manufacturing sales representative.

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