350-bbl Mud Premix Tanks Download Specifications

PCI Manufacturing’s Premix Mud Tank has the ability to add both dry and liquid additives through a 6” mud mixing hopper, allowing the additives to continue through three 10-HP agitators, each with a 38” impeller.

Additionally, the unit has the ability to recirculate the blended product via an MCM 8 × 6 × 14 centrifugal pump. This pumping system also allows transfer of the finished product from the pre-mix tank to production. As a value-added option, PCI’s pre-mix tank includes a completely redundant pump system to ensure continuous operation or fluid transfer in case of pump or motor failure.

Safety is a top priority for PCI in all its products. All electric controls and power cords meet Class I Division I explosion-proof specifications. Top of the tank includes foldable safety railing around the entire perimeter and open viewing area. This tank also has explosion-proof, LED lighting in both the lower pump/mixer platform and elevated over the top tank viewing area to light the interior level indicator. Removable hand rails are located above the pump/mixer platform. The mezzanine area (rated to support 100 PSF) is designed to accommodate palletized or drummed products, allowing for placement of additives not required to pass through the MCM mud mixing hopper on the lower platform. Additives may be placed onto the mezzanine with a JLG or forklift.

Features & Specifications

  • 350-BBL capacity
  •  ASTM A36 14" half-round walls
  •  Oilfield skid-mounted with 4" pipe nose bar, front and rear
  • Fully enclosed top deck with foldable handrails
  •  Total length: 48', 1"
  •  Mixer tank length: 32', 6"
  •  Mixer tank width: 11', 2"
  •  Transport height (handrails in transport position): 9', 9"
  •  Total unit height (handrails in operational position): 12'
  •  Empty weight: ~35,000 lb.
  • Primary & Backup Pump Package: Two MCM 250 series 8 × 6 × 14 pumps with hard iron fluid end which includes 11" impeller, casing with replaceable wear pad, and stuffing box
  • Pump suction from tank: 6" piped from low point at the rear of the tank down the passenger side to 8 × 6 × 14 centrifugal pump located on pump/mixer platform
  •  Pump suction from other source: 4" suction lines, passenger and driver's sides, both with butterfly valves and steel plugs
  • 4" passenger side and 6" driver's side discharge points located mid-operator's platform, both with butterfly valves and threaded plugs
  •  Mud mixing hopper inlet: Front 6" inlet tube from mud mixing hopper, discharging at the front agitator
  • 4" front fill line with 4" butterfly valve
  •  Rear overflow canal at 350-BBL volume with intermediate floor supports
  •  4" low point rear drain with butterfly valve and plug
  •  4" rear fill line piped into tank to discharge into the top between middle and rear agitators
  •  Agitator Package: three MCM MA10 mud agitators complete with Nord helical bevel gear box with a 10-HP, 60/230- 460V, explosion-proof electric motor direct drive couple-mounted to the gear box
  • Blending Hopper: MCM MH6 6" mud mixing hopper with sack table, 2" jet nozzle, Venturi, and butterfly valve with handle
  •  One explosion-proof lighting fixture at pump/mixer platform and one explosion-proof fixture with foldable stand mounted on the mezzanine adjacent to the tank level indicator
  •  Internal ladder with depth gauge at 50-BBL increments, readable from mezzanine
  •  36" × 60" sign plates for customer-furnished decals on each side
  •  Carboline® Phenoline 310 internal coating, minimum 15 mil dry film thickness
  •  High-solids, high-gloss exterior Strathmore DTM paint, customer color choice, 6-mil dry film thickness

For customization options, download the PDF or contact your PCI Manufacturing sales representative.

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