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Hose and cable reels make handling of any coiled product safer, more efficient, and will protect manufactured products during transportation. These reels are designed and built to allow multiple uses in a variety of industries.

Hose reels help keep coiled products clean, organized, safe from damage and increase productivity by ensuring hoses, cords, cabling, etc., are quickly and easily dispersed once or repeatedly. The reels are used during manufacturing, transportation, storage, dispersement and retraction of the product.

PCI Manufacturing’s hose reels are built to the same exacting standards as every other PCI product, including full inspection and testing. We build the same quality and workmanship into every product line we produce.

PCI will design a reel to suit your needs, regardless of the application. These can include power lines, gas lines, fiber-optic cabling, hoses (lay-flat, round, air, water), etc. PCI Mfg. can design any size or model to suit a customer’s needs. No request is too large or too small. Our service and attention to our customers’ needs set us apart from other manufacturers.

We currently produce three lay-flat hose reels:

  • 8'T x 5'W with a center hub diameter of 24"
  • 8'T x 22"W with a center hub diameter of 24"
  • 8'T x 15"W with a center hub diameter of 24"

For customization options, download the PDF or contact your PCI Manufacturing sales representative.

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