60, 70, and 80 BBL Bobtail Vacuum Tanks Download Specifications

PCI Manufacturing’s bobtail vacuum tanks are frame-mounted and designed to fit on any truck. A dual rear sump allows faster loading and unloading.

The rear entry for the catwalk on PCI’s bobtail allows easy and safe access to the top manways. With large, divided hose hooks, this bobtail can accommodate two sets of hoses, ensuring that any hose you need is within easy reach. A standard front sight tube that is viewable from the driver’s seat allows drivers to stay in their cabs while loading and unloading.

These bobtails are built according to a rigorous standard, fully inspected and tested to ensure that every weld and brake light meets or exceeds DOT and OSHA standards.

All PCI products are designed and built in our state-of-the-art facility, with complete in-house fabrication, blasting and painting departments. A full quality-control team ensures the highest quality and consistency, providing the end user with a low-maintenance, long-term asset.

Features & Specifications

Capacity Barrel Length (72" diameter) Tank Frame Length
60 BBL 158" 11'2"
70 BBL 182" 13'2"
80 BBL 218" 16'2"
  • Barrels sub-arc welded and tested to 20 psi design pressure
  • ASTM A36 3/16" shell with 1⁄4" heads
  • One internal baffle made of flat plate and strapped to ensure full coating coverage
  •  4" front cleanout with cap
  • Wedge sump with two 4" discharge lines and butterfly valves
  •  Full length hose troughs with drains
  •  Rear hose hooks, divided to accommodate two sets of hoses
  •  2" front sight-glass fitting, viewable from front diver's side
  •  15.0 psi pressure/vacuum vents
  •  Two 20" top manways
  •  One 20" rear manway
  •  20" primary scrubber
  •  5-gallon secondary scrubber
  •  Rear bumper kit shipped separately for customer installation
  •  DOT-approved LED lighting with custom fit, plug and go wiring harness
  •  Carboline Phenoline® 310 interior liner
  •  Primer plus one-color Strathmore DTM paint
  •  Truck mount kit (4 sets)

For customization options, download the PDF or contact your PCI Manufacturing sales representative.

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