500-bbl Acid Tanks Download Specifications

PCI Manufacturing delivers products for all your oilfield needs, even the most corrosive.

As purpose-built frac tanks that handle corrosive fluids during fracking, each Acid Tank features Carboline® 380 lining to withstand the fluid’s harsh effects.

PCI’s processes for installing the lining includes multiple inspections before and after installation, with all liners mil- and spark-tested to ensure a long-lasting uniform coverage.

These Acid Tanks can be built with either stainless steel ball valves or stainless butterfly valves; all have Viton® rubber seals at valves and manways.

All PCI products are designed and built specifically to meet our customers’ requirements. A full quality-control team assures the highest quality and consistency, providing a low-maintenance, long-term assets.

Features & Specifications

  • ASTM A36 316" corrugated steel walls
  • V-bottom floor
  • Two 4" rear fills: one right top of tank with 4" capped flange, one left wall penetration with pipe threads for ball valves or flanged for butterfly valves
  • Three 4" front penetrations with pipe threads or flanged
  • One 4" rear drain with pipe threads for ball valves or flanged for butterfly valves
  • One side 22" manway with Viton gasket and one 22" front manway with Viton gasket
  • 22,500-lb axle
  • 11R-22.5" tires
  • Installation of customer-supplied decals and DOT placards

For customization options, download the PDF or contact your PCI Manufacturing sales representative.

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