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PCI’s equipment is built to not only protect your investment but also the people, machinery and animals that come in contact with your well sites every day.

Cattle Guards and Mud Shakers

  • Built with a heavy-duty frame made of 10” x 12-lb I-beam with 278” drillstem grille, the PCI cattle guards are available in lengths from 8–48 feet. These round-pipe cattle guards are built to withstand oilfield traffic and resist corrosion.
  • Designed to facilitate mud release from tires before entering public roads while preventing the egress of livestock or large game, PCI's mud shakers are framed with 10” x 12-lb I-beam with 412” pipe for the grille.

Custom Fencing Solutions

Swivel H-Braces (including 3- and 4-bar), flexible corner post, T-post, barbed wire, high-game fencing or gates; all designed for maximum durability in applications demanding high-tensile support. H-braces are built from 278” up to 8” pipe in various styles, from 1 to 3 and 4 cross bars. All flex braces have the unique ability to flex to any angle wider or tighter than 90 degrees (including high-game fencing).

  • Multiple configurations for all species of livestock.


PCI Manufacturing builds a wide variety of gates from 238” pipe up to 3” square tubing in any style or size to suit the customer's demands.

  • Vehicle access gates - bump or electronic.
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction, fully welded and built for the demands of active oil and gas fields.
  • Berm/Toggle Gates - patented design.
  • Re-locatable containment gates used to regulate the release or capture of water or accidental spills from oil and gas pad sites.

Culvert Supplies

Complete selection of steel components for surface drainage

Wellhead Enclosures

Designed as a security fence for wellheads and Christmas trees, PCI wellhead enclosures consist of 8-foot-tall portable panels that function as security both before and after final assembly of the well fixture.

For customization options, download the PDF or contact your PCI Manufacturing Solutions sales representative.

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